Monday, October 20, 2014

#Corgis and Friends: The Gang's All Here!

Max, Story, and Howie-Grinch, a "Terrier Something-Something"

Dora and her girl pal Bagel the Beagle

At Emily Rose's house there are Cardigans, a German Shepherd, Poms, and Geoffrey the Rescued Giraffe Doggy. Geoffy is a total trouble maker, and the Corgis keep him in line! This is puppy Jovi the Cardigan Corgi and her brother Clark the Cardigan Corgi, walking Geoffrey.

Dewey and Daisy

Whiskey and Diesel, the Great Pyrenees, begging for chicken.

Bruce and his BFF Girlee

Harley Joe and Sage Marie

Tucker, Toby and Harley the chocolate Lab

Chewy Bear and Taz

Penny and her brother Tucker the Aussie

Cody and his cousin Daisy, a min-pin/Beagle mix. They were puppies together and have grown into three year-olds who LOVE each other, especially when Cody is being bossy and in charge!

Darby and his kitty

Rocky with his brother and sister Bear and Maggie

Marcie and Josie

Ella and Shayla

Rescues Foxus (dorgi), Barney (Papillon mix), and Gizzie (borgi).

Eddie and Saint Sadie

Gromit and Gimli and their nightly begging.

Girty and Ella

Dally, Duke and Dog

Ava and Tank

Sammi and Andy

Teyla, Tazz, Toffee and Grace the Labs. Smooch and Poppy the Cardigans.

Hank and Tang

Lucy and Layla

Ryder and Nina

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kids n' #Corgis Cam: Kairi and Abbott!

Life is good.

Saturday #Corgi Smiler: Radar O'Reilly of North Dakota!

Seen here with his own personal copy of the official Jasper Islington Presents 2015 Calendar, Radar sports the kind of Saturday smile that kicks the weekend off in style!

To have a look at the calendar and get your paws on your own, go HERE.

To bid on the ebay auction of a limited edition pawtographed (by Jasper himself!) calendar, go HERE.

Do good and Corgi On, friends!