Friday, April 17, 2015

Thirty-Nine #Corgis And The Real Men Who Love Them? Now That's A BIG TGIF!

They're baaaaaack! And there's more on deck for next week. Apparently there are a lot of real men who love Corgis. 

A lot of handsome, smiling, friendly-faced men who love Corgis. 


Corman and Nick

Cooper and Ben

Lily, Mattie and Russ

Cody and Stanley

Marcus and Michael

Macie May, Charlie Boy and Gary

Lucy and Bob

Mozzie and Greg

Louie, Chuck and Tom

Rocky and Larry

Beau and Zack

Sebastian and Bond

Andreas and Bandit

Beni and Tom

Gwrgan and Thomas

Teddy and Tom

Zeke and Dean

Bandit and Harry

Miss Rayne and Joe

Annie and John

Cooper and Thom

Mela alis Cool Kiss Gaucho and Darek

Apollo and Matt

Lindy Lou and Michael

Primo, Daisy and Andrew

Max and Joe

Silvy, Phinegan and Jim

Elwood and Jason

Daisy and Jason

Lucie, Ricky and Casey

Nemo and Jamie

Cooper and Dustin

Huckleberry and Chris

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Astro the #Corgi Made A Dog Lover Out of Him!

Can you believe that Dusty wasn't a real "dog person" before Astro came along? 

Oh no, say it ain't SO! 

Impossible to tell from these pics of the little man and his doting Dad, isn't it? 

(Astro fixed that nonsense). 

Nowadays they're best pals who love spending time together. 

Sniffing out trouble …

… seeing the sights ...

… yep, life is GOOD. I think it's love. 

Corgi On, men!

Thursday #Corgi Adoptables: Angel's Happy Ending Is A Brand New Beginning!

This one's a heart warmer with a bit of a twist. As told by Jeanette DeMars of Corgi Connection of Kansas …

Angel was listed on a "classified" website where CCK saw her and offered to help the family re-home her. When we can, Corgi Connection will help families re-home their 
Corgis without having to actually go through the rescue. This saves valuable foster space, and oftentimes the dogs being re-homed from their current family are really ready to go directly to their furr-ever home.

Barbara Blackman and her husband Jacques had made an adoption application to CCK. At about the same time, I saw a Corgi listed on a website to be re-homed. I contacted the Corgi's owners, and it seems Angel had become stressed and suddenly taken a dislike to the other female Corgi in the house. The situation was proving difficult for all involved, and after talking it over, the couple decided to let CCK find a new home for their beloved Angel.

Well, the Blackmans were looking for a female Corgi after having just lost one earlier this year and didn't particularly want a puppy. After going through the regular application process we "hooked" the Blackmans up with Angel's family and it was an immediate adoption!

Barbara reports: "I thought my last Corgi was the best dog in the world, and now I’ve met Angel. She is perfect! We spent our three hours bonding in the car on the way home. She is laying at my feet right now while I write this. She had a bath a little while ago and seemed to enjoy it. When I was finished and asked her to shake, she shook! She liked the hair dryer on low."

(Editor's note: Video! Video! We want video!)

Angel has been in the crate in the bedroom with a few treats thrown in. I haven’t tried shutting the door yet. She met some of the neighbors and warmed up quickly. She walks beautifully on a lead. We haven’t heard a bark out of her yet." 

"She is very careful to give equal attention to my husband, Jacques, and myself. She goes back and forth. Angel is loving and adorable. I hope to get her in to see the vet tomorrow so she can get caught up on her shots, heartworm meds, flea and tick stuff, teeth cleaned and micro-chipped. Thank you so much for putting us in touch with Darryl. I know it was hard for them to give her up."

We are grateful to the Blackmans for opening their heart and home to Angel. It takes a lot of time no matter what method you use to find the right home for a dog, but the end result is sooooo worth it! 

Welcome to the Corgi Connection of Kansas family, Angel and the Blackmans!