Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Catching Up With CorgiPals

Good morning Corgi Nation, and welcome to my weekly guest spot on The Daily Corgi! I am your host Paige K. Davis, founder of CorgiPals. As you know, every week I do a guest post to keep you up to snuff with the goings-on in the CorgiPals world.

This week I'd like to put the spotlight on Shaye. Please continue to keep Shaye's Corgi Mom Marge in your thoughts and prayers. She lost her mother on Saturday, July 12. Her mother helped Marge pay for Shaye's care and Marge is desperately trying to pay the bill off. Please share Shaye's story and donate if you can. Shaye now needs $1,020 to reach her goal.


Now I'd like to update you on the great auction that our pals over at Fiber Friends ran last wee to benefit CorgiPals and CorgiAid. This Fiber Friend of Chompers the Corgi and his faithful side-ckick managed to get a high bid of a whopping $460!! Thank you to everyone who participated!

That about wraps it up for this week! Oh, and don't forget ... CorgiPals has a new company goal that we are trying to reach. We are trying to get our Facebook page to 15,000 "likes" by the end of 2014. We currently need only 1,895 more fans! Please spread the word to help us reach our goal! Remember, every person who knows about CorgiPals is one more soldier in our army fighting for Corgis in need all over the globe! Keep on Corgi'n on!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hunter, Pippin and Montana

Hi! I‘m Caryl B.G. and I’m beyond honored to be a guest blogger on today’s Daily Corgi. The Daily Corgi is my daily smile!

I’d like to introduce you to the pack of three Corgis that live with us here at Pembroke House. (I am Irish by decent and we named our house like they do).

The first time I saw a Corgi I wanted one, but I traveled for business and for horse shows so I couldn’t be home enough. I had to wait. In 2008 I said goodbye to horse showing because of health issues and sadly sold my horse. By 2009 I knew I had to fill that hole in my heart and I knew the only thing that might fill that big a hole was a Corgi! After badgering my husband (who said he wanted nothing to do with this but I could get one), I found my perfect puppy.  Enter Hunter …

We picked him up at 8 weeks. From the moment I saw Hunter, that hole in my heart was filled.

Better yet, Hunter became his da’s dog immediately. Score!

After all, how can you resist that smile? 

As a puppy his favorite pastime was destroying balls of all sizes.

But his favorite thing is doing things with his da at our cabin and exploring in Essex, New York.

At Lake Champlain.

A not so favorite thing is swimming.  Not all Corgis are water dogs!

Since I work from home, Hunter and I have lots of time together. Hunter is a typical Corgi who loves to play and eat. But his ultimate dream is to be a Corgi model.

In February 2010 I told Sean I thought Hunter needed a playmate. The resounding answer was “No!”, but I am not a redhead for nothing …

... so in May 2010, Pippin joined us.

Hunter welcomed Pippin. They hang out with me in my office all day long, mostly sleeping unless there’s a mention of noms or a Corgi Snout-About.

And Pippin loves his da.

He is a character. He loves to hide and we often find him under his bed or sleeping in the expensive leather chairs!

Of course – where else would a Corgi sleep?

He thinks he’s pretty hot stuff. And by the way, he’s madly in love with Violet Ellen of CorgiPals fame.

Hunter and Pippin love to chase an old longe whip I had from my horse days. We call it Corgi fishing!

And they love the snow.

Occasionally they argue 

... but mostly they are best buddies who are always looking for noms.

So there’s always room for one more, right? Via facebook, I got involved in the group Corgi Rescues of America. They are a dedicated group of people saving as many Corgis as they can and giving them new lives. It was there I found Montana. He was being fostered by Neal and Jen and they were looking for his forever home. 

Once again my heart was lost. No matter that he was in Wyoming (I know, Montana from Wyoming -- pretty funny) and I was in northern New York.

This was my Corgi.

Hunter and Pippin told Santa they wanted another brother for Christmas. 
After a few weeks of trying to work out transport, Mary, another Facebook friend, told us she would drive to get Montana and bring him to me. 

From Michigan to Wyoming to New York -- that’s a big heart.


He settled right in. And his name quickly became Tanner.

They all sleep in my office ...

... and together we go on regular Corgi Snout-Abouts.

Tanner, who arrived in early December, was my Christmas Corgi, made possible by the huge hearts of others whom I’d never met. Talk about the power of social media!

And Tanner says thanks to all of you out there who rescue, foster, donate, care 

... and believe.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday #Corgi Smiler: Sophie!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pirates of the Corgi-bein'!

Oh yes, I went there. Corgi-bein'. (Groan)

So bad it's almost good.

Today's post is supremely silly, because oh BOY, this week has taxed my noggin'. Today I need Corgi pirates. Hopefully you do too.

Enjoy, mateys!





Not a pirate, but in possession of a pirate mug. Good enough for me.

Not a pirate, but stealing the scene from Jack Sparrow. That works too!

Otis the Corgi