Friday, July 31, 2015

Twelve Helpful #Corgis Holding Up Walls

Lying down, Corki is the height of one baseboard -- plus an inch or two for toe room. Now with bonus doorstop action!

Roger lets his Yorkie buddy have the bed ...

… but sometimes he can't resist the old "holding the wall up" trick. Because Corgis … always so helpful!

Amber. Wall, window, what's the difference? Feet in the air, just don't care!

No one shall enter or exit the premises without Phoebe's approval. Just try and get by those ears. 

Noodles, looking especially noodly. Note the crossed back paws. Fine form!

Devon. Imitating a popover pastry.

Lily's corner. Don't even think about horning in on it.

Nobody puts Frankee in the corner. Except Frankee.

Supervising the sofa and the ball. In his sleep. Impressive form, Tucker!

Zaha never gave up on her dream of skating in the Ice Capades.

Miss Rayne Day: cutest doorstop ever.

First dibs on the heat! Arya knows how to stay Corgi-comfy.

More Corgis n' walls next week on the blog!
Happy Friday, all.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday #Corgi Adoptables: Scooter's Happy Ending!

Back in April, Corgi Connection of Kansas was called to rescue a stray Corgi from a very small town in Central Kansas. 

“Scooter” received treatment for several worms (not heartworm, thankfully!) along with a bad case of demodectic mange. Demodectic mange is an immune system response that causes mites to attack the hair follicles. It is not contagious, but it sure looks painful!

Scooter was placed in foster care with Gisela, who nursed him back to health with a medication regimen and twice-weekly medicated baths. And taught him some manners, including staying off the furniture. Did I mention yet that Scooter’s about a year old and a very busy guy?

Scooter may not realize his luck, but Jeanette at Corgi Connection matched him up with the infamous, “House of Pants.” The House of Pants is so named for their goofy, but endearing “pants” language. 

You may have heard of Benny and Biggie Corgipants. Having lost Biggie last Fall and Benny in March, Bill and Peggy aka Mama Bossypants and Daddy Marshmellowpants, decided it was just too lonely without a Corgi in the house. 

Still grieving, Mama Bossypants cried the entire 45 minute drive to pick up Scooter, saying she didn’t want another dog, she just wanted her Benny back. Scooter was sure cute, but not quite 100% Corgi, although you can’t deny those ears. Mama wasn’t so sure.

Jeanette at CCK has a magical gift for matching Corgis to people and she just had a feeling The House of Pants was where Scooter needed to be. What Jeanette should have said is, “HOUSE OF PANTS: ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!”

That cute guy with the major Corgi ears and the not-quite Corgi head is definitely ROCKING The House of Pants. There is no time for Mama Bossypants and Daddy Marshmellowpants to be sad, there is only Scooter-Nado. 

The House of Pants was quickly Scooter-proofed as this guy likes to CHEW. A new line item has been added to H of P budget: Scooter toys and chews.

Squeaky toys desqueaked in seconds. Cardboard boxes in minutes. Tennis balls and basketballs skinned while you wait. Stuffing removed with precision by Dr. Scooter Gutempants. But even though Scooter Roo plays hard, he naps hard and mostly he loves hard. 

He snuggles, he hugs and he kisses. Good thing too, it’s hard to stay mad about cleaning up stuffing when you’re getting love and kisses. And smart! That guy learns tricks in minutes. That’s where the knowing when to turn on the charm comes in.

Oh, and the rule about the furniture … well, the House of Pants occupants are known for their love of ROCK!

The rule about the furniture, well, that didn't last. But the love at The House of Pants? That goes on. With Benny and Biggie Corgipants watching over him, Scooter can rest securely, dreaming about his next toy conquest.

Thanks to Scooter's Mom Peggy for today's post! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The 2015 So Cal #Corgi Nation Summer Beach Day: 800+ Corgis In One Place!

Special to The Daily Corgi from So Cal Corgi Beach Day event organizer Kelly McLemore.

The So Cal Corgi Nation Summer Beach Day on July 25th, 2015 in Huntington Beach was the biggest one yet, with 800+ Corgis and their humans in tow. (Yes. Eight hundred!)

We had a costume contest, a limbo contest, and a best "Momo" (peach "butt") contest. The Instagram CelebraCorg Kissing Booth was off the hook and crowded all day. We gave all the proceeds from the Kissing Booth to Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue (QBSDR)

Queen's Best was there as well as our sponsor, Beyond Natural Pet Food, who got an awesome response. They ran a campaign that for each person who tagged any photo or video that day with #corgibeachday and @beyondpetfood, they donated one pound of dog food to QBSDR. Final number hasn't come back but I am quite certain that we reached our goal of 500 pounds.  People were sharing on social media like crazy! Tons of media were there, it was a truly amazing day!